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Material: Faux Linen
Color: Blue
Special Feature: Removable Cover
Size: 89.92 x 70.10 x 14.99 cm
Weight: 1.36 kg.

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– The main sleeping surface of the indoor dog bed is soft plush faux fur, while the support pillow is wrapped in faux linen fabric.
– Both materials are very gentle and will not cause any discomfort to your pet’s nose and eyes.
– There is a waterproof coating under the soft cover of the puppy bed, which can effectively isolate the dog’s saliva, urine and other liquids.
– This raised dog bed with a higher edge can provide better comfort for the dog, provide proper support for the dog’s head and neck.
– Product Dimensions: 89.92 x 70.10 x 14.99 cm, 1.36 kg.


  1. Alex

    My dog loves this bed. He has not tried destroying so it’s a good sign.

  2. stargazer21

    They love it and took to sleeping on it immediately!

  3. K.S.W.

    Dog seems comfy thick foam, the cover seems durable so far (one wash so far). 

  4. Pam W.

     He’ll be using this for years to come I’m sure!

  5. Katherine Ahoe

    I really like this dog bed. The thick foam in it is so much better than the batting used in many of these dog beds.

  6. FloridaBound14

    I put 3 different beds next to each other a few different times to see which one my dog preferred. She went to this one each time. Definitely good quality and not a bad price either!

  7. Lowell

    Looks good, my dog likes it. 

  8. Michelle HeilMichelle Heil

    Highly recommended. 

  9. Linda Taylor

    Our pups love their new beds. I love the fact that I can wash the covers. Our dogs are older so comfort for them is key.

  10. Mtngirlz

    I didn’t expect to get the best dog bed I’ve ever had for this price!

  11. Marian S.Marian S.

     Eat his bones comfortably in it. Have some toys in it without laying on them. It holds him up well. It’s bigger space wise than I realized but overall it’s a great bed for him.   

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