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Color: Yellow
Feature: Teeth Cleaning Toy
Material: Natural Rubber
Weight: 0.23 kg
Unit Count: 1

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– This dog chew toy was durable for aggressive chewer, the proper hardness not only can resist biting and help dogs clean their mouths and teeth, but also never hurt their teeth and gums.
– With the squeaky design, the chew toy can attract your dog’s interest, and the soft surface will make it comfortable for dogs to chew.
– You can also apply toothpaste or cream sauce to the bumps on the surface to help clean your dog’s mouth or to increase your dog’s interest in chewing.
– It can be excreted through normal excretion, the milk flavor will also make your dog like to chew.
– Product Dimensions: 19.10 x 6.29 x 6.19 cm


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